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Intellectual Outputs

IO1 Entrepreneurship Curriculum on-line

DEUFULT will develop a bespoke online entrepreneurship curriculum that specifically focuses on building the knowledge, skills and competences necessary to support young adults to develop next generation online enterprises. The curriculum will help to raise awareness of new online business models and the opportunities that these new businesses present to young adults today.

  • The Entrepreneurship Curriculum on-line includes the following modules:

M1 Conducting on-line market research and analysing on-line user trends

M2 Introducing on-line entrepreneurship

M3 Creative thinking, initiative and self-confidence for a successful on-line business

M4 Developing on-line promotional strategies

M5 Building social media platform awareness

M6 Generating and evaluating your on-line business idea

M7 Using ubiquitous social media platforms and networks to test and prototype your new business idea

M8 On-line entrepreneur networking

M9 monetizing your on-line business

M10 managing an on-line business

Also, a Self-Study time is included of TQT 120 hours. The course is equivalent to an EQF level 5 qualification with 4 ECTS (European Credit Transfer Systems) credits.

Click Here to Download: IO1 Entrepreneurship Course Specification Curicculum

IO2 In-service training for youth professionals

Partners will develop a bespoke in-service training programme to ensure that youth professionals are equipped to deliver the on-line entrepreneurship curriculum. Once the learning content for the new curriculum is developed and a prototype learning resource has been produced partners will carry out a training needs analysis with their local advisory committees to identify the precise training needs of youth workers to ensure that they can extract the maximum benefit and impact from the new resources and the on-line learning environments being developed.

The in-service training programme will be available on-line as a handbook in pdf format for printing and as a flipbook for on-line use. It will be available in all partner languages.

The In-service training of youth professionals will be pilot tested in a training event that will take place in Cyprus.

Click Here to Download: IO2 IN-SERVICE TRAINING

IO4 Next Generation On-line entrepreneur case-studies

Partners will develop a series of case studies of next generation on-line entrepreneurs profiling the widest possible range of individuals and business types. A total of 24 case studies will be produced and partners will endeavour to ensure that these case studies are broadly representative of the experiences of young on-line entrepreneurs and will that the businesses profiled will be viewed as tangible and achievable by the youth target group.

Click Here to Download: IO4 Case Studies