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Digital entrepreneurship – the creation of digital businesses and the adoption of digital technologies by existing entrepreneurs – may hold potential for helping to make entrepreneurship more inclusive.

Digital entrepreneurship embraces all new ventures and the transformation of existing businesses that drive economic and/or social value by creating and using novel digital technologies. Digital enterprises are characterised by a high intensity of utilisation of novel digital technologies (particularly social, big data, mobile and cloud solutions) to improve business operations, invent new business models, sharpen business intelligence, and engage with customers and stakeholders. They create the jobs and growth opportunities of the future (European Commission, 2015).

Training Activities

A 3-day joint staff training event will be organised and held in Cyprus by SEAL CYPRUS to train adult youth professionals in the resources developed by DEFAULT.

Multiplier Events

A Next Generation On-line Entrepreneurship Workshop and an Adult-Youth Entrepreneurship Business Breakfast will be held by each partner locally.

The project

Nowadays adult yοuth peοple use the internet almost in every minute of their life, in every activity they are engaged and have the ability tο cοmmunicate with οthers and cοnnect with their peers and whoever share similar interests and views with them.

The partnership