The partnership

Capital Youth Association (CYA) e.V – Coordinator

Capital Youth Association is seeking to promote innovation in the fields of youth, adult education and culture. The aim of the Capital Youth Association is to create a safe space for everybody to express themselves without any prejudice. It is established in Liechtenstein with scope to connect individual of all backgrounds and ages with their peers in the EU, to provide them a wider range of opportunities to communicate their needs and expectations, to freely express themselves, to travel around Europe, to make contacts and create friendships, to generally open up their views to the European perspectives and values.

Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute

Social Innovation and Cohesion Institute is an organization of civil society aiming to help individuals, communities and institutions to develop their skills, improve their performance and share knowledge to meet the challenges of society and thus contribute actively to the development of local, regional and European society. Focuses on people’s abilities, promotes intercultural dialogue, knowledge exchange and European awareness with the active participation of young people and adults in projects relating to mobility, entrepreneurship education, professional and personal development. It cooperates with public and private entities in national and international levels, including universities, local and regional authorities, NGO’s.


CEIPES – International Centre for the Promotion of Education and Development is a non-profit organisation founded in 2007 and based in Palermo, Italy. It leads a Network of more than 8 European and extra European associations focused on Education, Training and Social Development. CEIPES has expertise on Education, Transfer of innovation and Project management in different European programmes tackling the Education and the capacity building of different target groups, from young people to adults, from women to unemployed, migrants and disadvantaged groups. It also promotes lifelong learning, vocational training and entrepreneurship with the aim of enhancing opportunities for youth and adults to improve and acquire competences and therefore boost their employability and inclusion. CEIPES has several links with public and private local and international stakeholders that can contribute to the achievement of project results in terms of dissemination, exploitation and sustainability of them. CEIPES can count on experienced staff composed of professionals with different competences and fields such as psychology, communication, training, international cooperation, social and cultural mediation, social assistance, ICT, digital manufacturing and law.


SOLUTION BASED TRAINING & CONSULTANCY (SBTC) has developed a range of consulting services ranging from an independent well control advisor to providing advice on managing change in the workplace for both employers’ and employee’s needs. SBTC offers solutions for the specific problems of its target groups by developing tailored solutions for several areas for entrepreneurship including social entrepreneurship.

The main aspects of these consulting services encompass every part of the business spectrum including works in supporting and promoting the vocational education and lifelong learning; organizing international cooperation with similar organizations; developing and promoting solutions in public; stimulating the creative works through recognition and other forms of motivation and cultural heritage. SBTC provides direct consultancy work with clients, provide in house and public training courses and offer “change” consultancy with local authorities and organizations.

Besides, in its region as a consulting company SBTC promotes and protects the well-being and existence of our world heritage, culture and diversity. By providing sustainable and long term solutions for both intangible and tangible heritage projects, the shareholders and stakeholders of SBTC receive real results encompassing the authenticity and integrity of their heritage projects, too.


SEAL CYPRUS is a non-profit organisation based in Nicosia, the ethnically divided capital of Cyprus. The members of the association are from both ethnic groups. The activities of SEAL CYPRUS include volunteer actions in social issues, cultural events, and educational programs. SEAL CYPRUS coordinates Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships (in the fields of Youth, Adult Education and Vocational Education and Training/ VET) and coordinates a project for unemployed young NEET in four countries with the support of the EEA & Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. SEAL CYPRUS uses a wide range of innovative interactive educational methods to provide open and distance learning, non-formal education, e-learning and on the job training. SEAL CYPRUS is working with individuals, non-profit organisations, and public sector entities.

Prios Kompetanse AS

Prios Kompetanse AS (Prios) is a corporation established by several cooperative competence environments within project management, consulting, innovation, training and software development. We are genuinely concerned with adult learning and with delivering quality education to companies and individuals in working life. We have a great experience in collaborating with the business community to offer tailor-made courses based on needs clarification. We have also developed our own tools and methods for mapping the professional level among employees and we develop and deliver courses directly at the workplace. Prios has extensive experience with in innovation and entrepreneurship where we have some of the best advisors in entrepreneurship training and start-ups in Norway. Via our software department we manage a collection of in-house developed software solutions that cover several areas in online learning, mapping, training, etc.

Academy for International Science and Research (AISR)

AISR is an award-winning International centre of excellence for B-STEMM (Business and STEMM) education. AISR is Northern Ireland’s first independent, UK accredited STEM Institute, offering internationally recognised undergraduate and postgraduate programmes to the highest standards in Business, Science, Mathematics, Information Technology, Arts, Social Sciences, Engineering, Education, Para Medical and Medical studies.

Our headquarters is located in Derry-Londonderry, Northern Ireland, UK. We have campuses in the UK, Ireland, India and Nigeria. AISR also offers:

  • online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses
  • Study Abroad Packages to help students develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills
  • STEM and CLIL training for teachers
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching Services
  • Cultural Visits
  • Coding, Medicine and Entrepreneurship summer school (virtual and physical)
  • Content development
  • Educational consultancy
  • Software Development
  • Game, software and augmented reality (AR) development to bring our educational materials to life.”

European Foundation for Innovative Development

The European Foundation for Innovative Development – EFID was established in Warsaw, Poland a few years ago by a group of young adults to empower and support their peers, children, and youth while their search for a better world regarding of education, training, self-development and participation pursuits. EFID’s vision is to help create a society in which every person feels accepted, included, and appreciated, without any prejudice or bias. EFID works with the local and European community to increase public awareness and advance, innovate and ultimately empower individuals. Our mission is to bring about change to our society by educating, inspiring, and mobilizing the global community.